一般民眾 全票:50/每小時    Adult:NT$50/hour

銀髮族優惠票:25元/時    Elderly person:NT$25/hour




  1. 使用本中心請先至服務台購票,憑QR-Code感應入場。
    Please purchase a ticket at the service desk before making use of this center, and use the QR code sensor for entry.
  2. 患有傳染病、心臟病、急性骨骼運動傷害、惡性腫瘤及多發性硬化症、意識不清及未經控制之高血壓及糖尿病者,於生理或心理狀態不適宜入場使用之情形者,不可參加體適能檢測並禁止使用本場地。
    Persons with infectious diseases, heart disease, acute musculoskeletal and sports injuries, malignant tumors, multiple sclerosis, or uncontrolled hypertension and diabetes, or in a state of stupor, and those who are in an inappropriate physiological or psychological state, may not participate in fitness testing or use this facility.
  3. 活動民眾必須穿著運動服裝、運動鞋及攜帶毛巾進入場地,禁止穿著拖鞋、皮鞋、高跟鞋、木屐或其他不合場地使用規定之鞋類進入。
    Please bring in your sweat towel and wear appropriate exercise clothing and soft-sole athletic shoes and do not wear slippers, leather shoes, high-heels, clogs or other inappropriate shoes to enter the facility.
  4. 為維護使用之安全,未滿15歲青少年不得進入本區使用。People under 15 years-old are not allowed to enter.
  5. 嚴禁本中心教學課程以外之私人教學行為。
    Personal teaching is not allowed other than the classes provided by the center.
  6. 使用重訓器材槓片時請小心輕放。 為維持環境及安全,如有違反使用須知、不聽從教練指導或因個人因素而影響他人權益或導致受傷時,本中心得立即禁止使用(不予退費)並不負賠償責任。
    Do not drop weights on the floor.  The center reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility in concern to its environment and safety and is not responsible for reimbursement and compensation for any injuries or violation to others caused by personal factor or not cooperating with the rules and coach instructions.
  7. 運動前應先做暖身運動,並遵照器材使用說明操作,禁止做出任何高危險性及超出體能負荷之動作。
    Please perform warm-ups before exercising, and use equipment in accordance with guidelines; hazardous movements that exceed your physical capacity are prohibited.
  8. 器材操作中,身體如感覺不適應立即停止,並通知教練或指導員。
    If you feel any discomfort when using equipment, immediately stop and notify a trainer or instructor.
  9. 公益時段為回饋社會服務,請使用者珍惜場所並遵守入場規定。
    Please follow the rules during Public Charity session as it is for social services purposes.
  10. 使用館內場地時,請注意使用時間,勿超時佔用(包括公益時段),尊重下一位使用者的權利。
    Please pay attention and do not exceed the rental time (including public charity time session) while using the facility in respect of the rights of others.
  11. 使用健身器材需小心愛護,使用完畢,請將器材歸回原位。
    Take care to keep fitness equipment in good condition, and return all equipment to its original place after use.
  12. 館內插座不提供給個人使用。 如因活動或租借場地,需先付費後方能使用。
    Electrical sockets are reserved only for events or venue rental under the condition of payment of an additional fee; personal use is not allowed.
  13. 若因使用不當造成設備/器材毀損,本中心有權要求損壞賠償。
    Equipment caused by misusage will be charged for compensation
  14. 嚴禁吸煙、喝酒、嚼食檳榔、口香糖及攜帶寵物(法令另有規定者除外),雨具及攜帶任何食品進入本中心。
    Smoking, drinking, chewing betel nuts or gum, bringing in pets (except when prescribed otherwise by law), using raingear, and bringing any food into the center are strictly prohibited.
  15. 公共場所私人物品須自行保管,如有遺失自行負責。
    Maintain the safekeeping of personal belongings when in public areas; users will bear responsibility for any lost personal items.
  16. 未經中心許可,禁止照相、攝影、錄音、張貼或懸掛海報、旗幟、標語等。
    Photography, videography, poster hanging, flag hanging, labeling and other such behaviors are not allowed unless approved by the center.
  17. 淋濕的物品(如:傘/鞋/衣/帽…等)請先擦乾後再帶入場館,以避免地面濕滑以及水氣損害地板材質.
    To avoid slippery surface and floor damage, please dry all wet items(i.e. umbrella, footwear, clothing, hat) before entering into the area.
  18. 使用本場地各項器材設備時應遵守安全規定,教練或指導員得以隨時制止使用者具有安全顧慮之行為,如不聽制止,本中心得強制使用者離開本場地之權利。
    Persons using the court’s various equipment must abide by safety regulations; trainers or designated personnel may stop the actions of users engaging in possibly unsafe behavior; this center shall have the right to compel users to leave the court if they fail to heed such requestsUsers may not engage in private instruction or affix posters, banners, slogans, etc. without permission.